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Renew Nettleham

Renew Wellbeing News
We want to put all our energies into hosting Alpha in the new year so we are pausing Renew after December 14th and look forward to
re-opening after Easter. Watch this space for more news!
Many thanks for all your support this year.
Renew hosts.

What is a renew café?

A Renew space operates very simply along 3 basic principles

To be redirected to the national renew website please click on the logo below

Being in Partnership
We’re developing relationships with local services that we can signpost our regulars to, should they require it.

We’re not aiming at being mental health experts, but just to offer a safe environment for those who are lonely or in need of company and a hobby. We will know how to signpost to professionals where needed.

Being Present
As well as providing refreshments and a chat,
we have activities such as jigsaws, adult colouring,
Sudoku, board games etc.
Please feel free to suggest other hobbies
or bring your own along & maybe teach others.

Click on the video to the right to learn a little bit more about Renew Wellbeing

Being Prayerful
Our hosts are volunteers from the church and they pray for the community before the café opens. The church Prayer Space is open for those who want to pray at any time during our opening. There’s also a short ‘Time to Pray’ for those who might want to join in.
Contact for Renew Nettleham

below you will see examples of some of the resources that we use from the national renew wellbeing website.

Activities include dominoes, jigsaws, colouring as well as quiet conversations.
People can also bring their own activities and teach others if they want to.

One of the completed jigsaws done at  Renew Nettleham

Try using this meditative prayer over the next month when you have a drink.
Find a comfortable place to sit.  Place your feet flat on the ground...
This is where God has placed you.
Sit upright...the chair is holding your weight.
He holds you.
Open your posture, be ready to recieve, breathe deeply.
Cradle your cup/glass in your hands and drink.
Choose a prayer word or phrase such as:
Emmanuel, in Your hands Lord, You're my rock (or use your own).
As you drink repeat your chosen phrase over and over.
Drink, breathe, drink breathe.
Make all other thoughts orbit around your chosen phrase.
If you drift off to other thoughts just come back & repeat your meditation phrase.
This is not escapism, rather it is choosing what to think about.
As you finish your drink, hold the empty cup and sit very still.
Imagine your life in God's hands...empty.
Repeat your phrase and allow God to fill you with His love, peace, grace and spirit.
Adapted from prayer card 5 used by

Nettleham Methodist Church

Minister & Superintendent Lincoln Circuit Rev. Richard Mottershead. Telephone: 07771 624 885 (Ricahard has said his day off will be flexible so is happy to be contacted at anytime)
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