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Nettleham And Scothern Methodist Church
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History Of Methodism In Nettleham

There has been a Methodist Presence in Nettleham since around 1776. Initially people met in homes.
The first known Chapel in the village was situated on the High Street at the end of what is now Kingsway.
It is now a private house.

After a split in the congregation a second Chapel was eventually built at the North Street end of Chapel Lane.
The 2 congregations did not unite again until the mid 20th Century.

The Current Chapel was bult in 1899.

We have recently refurbished and extended the Chapel.

Nettleham Methodist Church

Minister & Superintendent Lincoln Circuit Rev. Richard Mottershead. Telephone: 07771 624 885 (Ricahard has said his day off will be flexible so is happy to be contacted at anytime) Email:rpm2000.sp@gmail.com
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