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Every Sunday 10:30 am unless otherwise stated.

Preachers for December
3rd  - Rev Margaret Roe
10th - Roy Jackson
10th - Carol service - See Special Services Page
17th - Rev Richard Mottershead
24th -  Rev Richard Mottershead (Communion)
24th - Evening - See Special Services Page
31st United Service at Welton 10:45


Every 1st and 3rd Sundays 10:30 unless stated otherwise
and 3rd Wednesday 7:30pm.

Preachers for December
3rd - Rev Richard Mottershead (Communion)
Nettleham Chapel
 17th - See Special Services Page
Nettleham Chapel
 Christmas Day See Special Services Page
 31st - Ian Hardcastle

Wednesday 20th - Rev. Richard Mottershead (Communion)

30 minutes of prayer
every Monday Morning.
09:00-09:30 at Nettleham Methodist Church
Come & pray about situations
on your minds.
Everyone welcome.
Letter from our Minister

The Methodist Prayer Handbook is published every year and is just one of the prayer manuals I use.  It’s arranged to be used daily across a monthly cycle as it focuses on different parts of the world and the United Kingdom.  Prayer manuals help me, because like many, prayer is not always easy and I find myself needing prompts.  
The Welsh minister and medical doctor David Martyn Lloyd-Jones was the minister of Westminster Chapel in London for three decades with a large weekly congregation.  He said, "everything we do in the Christian life is easier than prayer" yet he still held that, “Prayer is beyond any question the highest activity of the human soul.”
Even the disciples asked Jesus, ‘Lord, teach us to pray’ because they wanted help in praying.  In answering Jesus firstly told them what not to do.  He said your prayer time mustn’t be for ‘show’ and nor should it be to a ‘rigid formula’.  Simply pray like this, and then he outlined what we now call the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6: 5-15).
          ‘Our Father in heaven,
  hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
 on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
 as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
  but deliver us from the evil one.’
The first words Jesus gave the disciples were, our Father, which acknowledges our faith as being in a relationship with God our Father.  God is personal.
The words that then follow are, ‘in heaven’ which help me recognise that he is the creator of all things.  God is almighty.  
However, I will never understand why the almighty God should want to know me let alone why he should want me to pray to him, but he does.  Ideally prayer is a regular conversation with God in which we both listen and talk.  So, starting on Monday morning (9th October) at 09.00, for 30 minutes only, there will be a time for us to pray in church.  
Whether prayers are offered in silence, or one word used or a few, the prayer time is for us all as church to come together in the presence of our loving God and converse with him.
Blaise Pascal was a scientist who lived in the 17th century, this prayer that he wrote is just as relevant to us four centuries later.
“Lord, help me to do great things as though they were little,
          since I do them with Your power;
and little things as though they were great,
since I do them in Your name.”
As we seek to go forward in faith let us journey together in prayer.

Nettleham Methodist Church

Minister & Superintendent Lincoln Circuit Rev. Richard Mottershead. Telephone: 07771 624 885 (Ricahard has said his day off will be flexible so is happy to be contacted at anytime)
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